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With more than 30 years of experience, at DMO Law Firm we propose a new concept in criminal law counseling, one that distinguishes itself for being personalized, committed, and agile.

Our law firm reflects the dedication and accuracy with which we design and execute strategies to address modern criminal issues that arise, both in defense and prosecution.

We have offices in the city of Buenos Aires, in the northern suburbs and correspondents around the country with whom we compose a team of professionals that deliver legal service of the utmost quality in all judicial departments. In addition, we work alongside a network of specialists before the different expert bodies with expertise in every discipline to attend the most diverse matters



Our experience in the judicial and private spheres allows us to adequately address general criminal law conflicts arising between individuals, from the point of view of the defense and the victim.


We provide legal advice in relation to the criminal contingencies that occur within the dynamics of business life. This includes tax, customs, exchange, environmental, trademark, fraud, money laundering and computer crimes/cybercrime.

The current scenario demonstrates the everchanging nature of modern criminal law. This in combination with the State´s influence over internal political decisions, has driven us to deepen our work and develop the best work strategies, considering this new scenario.



Co–founder, Attorney at Law. Specialist in Criminal Law. Adjunct Professor in Criminal Law Special Part at UMSA. Co-founder of “Alianza Colaborativa de Profesionales”

I was born in the city of Buenos Aires in 1967. I studied in Colegio Santa Isabel de San Isidro and graduated as a lawyer from UMSA Law School in 1992.

In 1986 I joined the National Judicial Branch as an assistant at the National Criminal Court of Instruction No. 7. Then I was appointed to Court No. 19 of the same jurisdiction. In 1992 I was promoted to the position of Secretary of the Federal Criminal and Correctional Court No. 2 of San Isidro, whose head was Dr. Conrado César Bergesio. This experience has given me a solid knowledge of ordinary criminal matters.

In the year 2001, my career at the Judicial Branch culminated and I started working at the law firm Pizarro Posse & García Santillán, specializing in corporate criminal law.

In 2012, I formed the law firm García Santillán & Olmedo and, then in 2021 I founded DMO Abogados with Dr. Hernán Guaita.

Due to my professional background, I have specialized in criminal law, especially in tax, customs, exchange, environmental and "white collar" crimes. Furthermore, I am a member of the Argentine Association of Tax Studies (AAEF) therefore I have participated and continue to do so, in several courses and symposiums related to these issues. In addition, I am a member of the Bar Association of the city of Buenos Aires and of San Isidro.

Lastly, I teach Criminal Law Special Part at UMSA a course held by Dr. Conrado César Bergesio. I have also been an assistant to Dr. Fernando Goldaracena at Universidad del Salvador, in this case teaching Procedural Law.

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Co-founder, Attorney at Law. Master in Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences.

I was born in the city of Buenos Aires in November 1986. I studied at Pilgrim´s College and graduated as a lawyer from the University of Buenos Aires in 2011. During 2014 I studied in Barcelona, where I obtained a master’s degree in Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences from Pompeu Fabra University and the University of Barcelona. Until today I continue to improve myself in criminal law, focusing on tax, business, financial, foreign exchange, environmental, customs, technological and economic issues.

Before founding "DMO abogados" with Dr. Diego María Olmedo (2021), I worked for six years at the law firm García Santillán, Olmedo & Rivarola as a lawyer specialized in Criminal Law, Economic Criminal Law, Tax Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Compliance & Corporate Defense. In my beginnings I worked in several National Criminal Courts of Instruction and Oral Courts (2008 to 2015).

I am currently taking the International Diploma in Cybercrime and Technologies applied to investigation at Universidad Austral. During 2020 I completed the Executive Program in Integral Compliance at UADE Business School; in 2017, the Update Program on Global Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism at the University of Buenos Aires and, in 2015-2016 the Diploma in Compliance and Criminal Law at the Austral University.

I am a member of the Bar Association of the city of Buenos Aires, the Bar Association of San Isidro and I am registered before the Superior Court of Justice of the Province of Santa Cruz and the Federal Court of Appeals of San Martín.

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Attorney – at – Law, Specialist in Criminal Law. University professor in charge of a commission of the subject "Human Rights and Principles of Constitutional Law", chair of Dr. Juan Pablo Mas Vélez, of the Common Basic Cycle of the University of Buenos Aires.

I was born in the City of Buenos Aires in 1973. I attended high school in San Isidro, the city where I grew up. I graduated with a law degree from the School of Law of the University of Buenos Aires.

Since June 1993 I have held various positions in the National Judicial Branch, the National Public Prosecutor's Office and, in particular, the National Public Defender's Office. In the latter, among many other functions, I was in charge of the Official Public Defender's Offices acting before the Federal Courts of Neuquén (2008-2009) and San Juan (2012-2014). In March 2021 when I had been performing, since 2016, as Coadjutant Public Defender before the Federal Criminal and Correctional Courts of the Federal Capital I decided to start the practice of the liberal profession. Between 2009 and 2011 I was summoned to serve as Advisor to the General Administrator of the Council of the Judiciary of the Judiciary of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

As Public Defender, I have represented hundreds of persons charged with various crimes, including more than two hundred persons charged with crimes against humanity, in the various procedural stages (preliminary investigation, oral and prosecutorial trial and execution of the sentence), in cases handled in Neuquén, San Juan and in the Federal Capital, where I represented six defendants in the case known as "Triple A." In all jurisdictions, I have also represented persons subject to extradition proceedings, including those charged with crimes against humanity. In all jurisdictions I have also represented persons subject to extradition proceedings.

I have lectured as a guest professor at the Instituto del Servicio Exterior de la Nación, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship of the Nation between 2009 and 2011.

I have edited legal, political and historiographic bibliographic texts, among which I highlight the book: "Raúl Alfonsín por Raúl Alfonsín: discursos presidenciales ante la Asamblea Legislativa 1983-1989" published by the University of Buenos Aires. I am also a permanent collaborator in national and foreign journalistic publications.

I have been invited to give training courses at the Association of Judges and Officials of the National Justice and at the Association of Lawyers of Buenos Aires. I am a member of the Buenos Aires Bar Association.

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Attorney – at – Law, Specialist in Criminal Law.

I was born in the City of Buenos Aires in 1989. I studied at the St. Andrews Scots School, and graduated as a lawyer from the Universidad Austral Law School in 2014.

That same year I joined the law firm "García Santillán & Olmedo" where I worked as a lawyer specialized in Criminal Law, Economic Criminal Law, Tax Criminal Law, Criminal Procedural Law and Compliance & Corporate Defense. Then, in 2022, I started working at DMO Abogados.

I am currently in my second year of a Master's Degree in Criminal Law at Universidad Austral and Specialization Diploma in Economic Criminal Law at the same university.

I am a member of the Bar Association of the Federal Capital and I am a member of the Federal Court of Appeals of San Martín.

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Attorney – at – Law. My practice focuses in criminal law and criminal litigation and have extensive experience representing both local and international clients, in matters involving allegations of bribery, fraud, tax evasion, customs violations, money laundering, financial crime, data protection, cybersecurity & cybercrime, intellectual property crimes, illicit trade, environmental offences, background checks, cases of extradition, international cooperation, compliance, asset recovery, and dispute resolution.

I have participated in numerous high-profile investigations and transnational cases, many of which involved complex cross-border networks. I have also acted as counsel of individuals and corporations from different industries (oil & gas, mining, pharmaceutical, banks, telecommunications, transport, construction, ports and agribusiness, tobacco, FinTech, among others regulated activities).

My experience includes preventive criminal advice, compliance programs, potential risks detection, due diligence processes, collection and preservation of digital evidence, negotiation of agreements, cooperation with government agencies and other strategies aimed at mitigating the collateral consequences of criminal proceedings, such as fines, seizures, forfeitures and reputational damage.

Prior to joining DMO Abogados, Between 2016 and 2024 I was a Senior Associate of the White-Collar Crime Department of Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal. Between 2001 and 2016, I was a public official serving in various offices in the criminal court system and I also served as advisor to the Minister of Justice of Argentina.

I have a law degree in Buenos Aires University. I have taken several courses in international academies like Washington College of Law, American University, Salzburg School of Law, London University College, Hague Academy of International Law, Inter-American Human Rights Institute, among others postgraduate courses. I am a regular speaker at seminars and conferences on economic crime, corporate fraud, penal compliance, investigations, and illegal trade.

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In the constant search for quality, competitiveness, and innovation in the provision of legal services, we have formed a Collaborative Alliance of boutique law firms with whom we share the same vision and purpose in the practice of law, through a new paradigm of working together. We are proud to form this Alliance with: En la búsqueda permanente por la calidad, competitividad e innovación en la prestación de servicios legales, hemos conformado una Alianza Colaborativa de estudios boutique con quienes compartimos una misma visión y propósito en el ejercicio de la profesión, a través de un nuevo paradigma de trabajo en conjunto. Es un orgullo para nosotros conformar esta Alianza con:En la búsqueda permanente por la calidad, competitividad e innovación en la prestación de servicios legales, hemos conformado una Alianza Colaborativa de estudios boutique con quienes compartimos una


Given the confidentiality of this matter and the personal, institutional, and economic relevance of many of the cases entrusted to us, we prefer to prioritize the confidentiality that our clients' matters deserve.

We can mention that among them we have national and foreign companies, from the most varied fields: Mining, Construction, Financial, Oil, Energy, Casinos, Automotive, Tobacco, Food, Cosmetics, Health, Technology, Agribusiness, Media, Pharmaceuticals, etc.



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